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Our Mission

Our Mission

Seagate Alliance, soon to be known as Pandion Optimization Alliance, consists of organizations who have joined together to collaboratively develop and benefit from the potentials inherent in a group purchasing and shared services alliance. Seagate Alliance possesses an ownership interest in Premier, Inc. Seagate exists to provide its members with maximum cost savings, enhanced operational and clinical efficiencies, and shared knowledge and experience.

The Seagate Value Proposition

Seagate Alliance will fulfill its mission and provide value to its members through offering high-quality, personalized services so that members can reap the benefits of access to the nation's largest group purchasing organization--Premier, Inc. Through our ownership in Premier, we will provide our members the ability to drive costs out of their supply chain and improve their processes and understanding of the marketplace. We will do this by helping our members implement value-based-purchasing strategies that focus on achieving the highest returns for their purchasing dollars, while providing the highest-quality products and services.

Member Spotlight

VNA Home Health

VNA Home Health is a non-profit Medicare and Medicaid certified home health care agency located in Albany, New York. VNAHH provides skilled nursing, home health aides, and rehabilitation services to residents of the Capital Region. VNAHH professionals conduct almost 100,000 home care visits to almost 3,000 patients each year.

Mark Jersey, Inventory Control Coordinator with VNAHH, says "Working with Seagate Alliance has helped us realize significant savings and improve efficiency. We have been able to streamline the number of vendors we do business with. Seagate compares our current costs with alternatives, connects us with the right people, and takes the time to ensure our satisfaction. We’ve been very pleased with the results and look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts.”