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About Seagate Alliance

Seagate Alliance LLC, an owner of Premier, Inc., started in 1994, when a group of hospital and nursing home executives saw the need to join a national group purchasing company. Our goal is to enable our members to maximize their purchasing power and remain competitive by reducing costs and optimizing value.

We are one of 200-plus owners of Premier, the nation’s largest and most prestigious healthcare group purchasing alliances. Premier serves over 2,900 US community hospitals, 56,000-plus non-acute care facilities, and over 34,000 physician offices. As a result of our ownership in Premier, we can provide our members with best-in-class pricing on hundreds of contracts with all major suppliers of healthcare products, supplies, and capital equipment. Through Premier, our members have access to the purchasing power that comes with over $43 billion in purchasing volume, with over $4.2 billion in savings realized.

Seagate Alliance is expanding our reach to industries outside healthcare. Through our REACHTM program, we now offer organizations in industries such as higher education, hospitality, early childhood and K-12 education, and recreation the opportunity to access the purchasing power of  our consortium to achieve cost savings and process efficiencies.

Seagate’s experienced team works diligently to ensure that our members maximize every opportunity afforded through our regional and national partnerships. These specialists stand ready to serve you as you strive to reduce costs, gain efficiencies and improve quality in a very challenging environment.


Member Spotlight

University Medical Imaging, PC

UMI is located in Rochester, NY and has eight fellowship-trained Radiologists affiliated with the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. UMI offers the latest and best technology to meet patient needs.

UMI joined Seagate Alliance in 2014, and the membership is beginning to produce positive results, says Michael Lechner, UMI’s Practice Administrator. “I’m very glad UMI aligned with Seagate. It’s taken a little time, but we are starting to realize the cost savings little by little. The great news is that our new rates with Premier will provide us with a significant annual savings for MRI contrast alone. I just wanted to say thanks!”

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