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Strategic Partnerships

Premier, Inc.

Seagate Alliance is one of 200-plus owners of Premier, the nation’s largest and most prestigious healthcare group purchasing alliances. Premier serves over 2,900 US community hospitals, 56,000-plus non-acute care facilities, and over 34,000 physician offices.

We chose Premier because our philosophies and goals are closely aligned. Premier is a leader at driving positive change in the marketplace. They leverage market knowledge and technology to help member-organizations improve their products and services and grow their bottom line.

Through Premier, our members have access to the purchasing power that comes with over $43 billion in purchasing volume, with over $4.2 billion in savings realized.

Rochester Regional Healthcare Association, Advocates, and Joint Ventures Corporation

Seagate Alliance LLC is part of a family of companies that also includes the Rochester Regional Healthcare Association, the Rochester Regional Healthcare Advocates, and the Rochester Regional Healthcare Association Joint Ventures Corporation (RRHA/JVC).

  • The Rochester Regional Hospital Association formed in 1947, and in 1998 became the Rochester Regional Healthcare Association. RRHA's purpose is to plan, organize and implement educational efforts for the various disciplines within its member healthcare organizations.
  • The Rochester Regional Healthcare Advocates was formed in 1988 to promote the common business interests of its member healthcare organizations by disseminating relevant information to its members, the media, and legislators and by attempting to influence legislation and regulation that may affect its members.
  • The RRHA/JVC was formed in 1983, and currently operates as a group purchasing organization to provide a resource for the purchase of goods and brokered services not available through larger, national GPOs.


To provide our members with enhanced national contracting opportunities, Seagate Alliance has partnered with Acurity, formerly known a GNYHA Services. Acurty is an acute care GPO and supply chain management company affiliated with the Greater New York Hospital Association.

The partnership between Seagate Alliance LLC and Acurity enables Seagate Alliance members to receive best in class pricing by leveraging the purchasing volumes of both organizations for greater contract aggregation and improved negotiating power. It also provides value added services for Seagate members. Together, Seagate Alliance and GNYHA Services represent more than $5 billion in annual purchasing power.

For any questions regarding these strategic partnerships, click here to contact our Supply Chain Solutions team.

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Member Testimonial

Bristol Village Assisted Living 

Bristol Village became a member of Seagate Alliance and Premier in May of 2007. In our first year we reduced food costs by 2%. Four years later as our fiscal year comes to a close, I am proud to say that we have reduced food costs by almost 10%, while at the same time creating a larger upscale menu and a dining program in tune with today's person-centered care initiates.


Robert A. Mungo II

Director of Dining Services

Bristol Village Assisted Living