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Seagate Advantageā„¢

The Seagate Advantageoffers a variety of consulting programs that focus on a company’s specific business goals and use of data-driven solutions to drive down everyday costs, support sales growth, and increase operational efficiencies throughout the supply-chain.

Within 6 months in 2016, our experts were able to identify more than $750,000 in savings for 5 facilities in New York State.


Benefits of Seagate Advantage™
  • Program is full-service and customizable
  • Access to Certified Materials & Resource Professionals (CMRP) and best industry-specific leading practices
  • Opportunity to maximize the value of existing contract portfolios as well as customized contract savings
  • A dedicated expert working on-site to analyze your supply chain (optional)


Expense Reduction Program
Highlights Include:

  • Detailed supply chain analysis by a Seagate expert working at your facility
  • Customized program with dedicated project manager, account manager, data analyst, and subject matter experts with established vendor relationships
  • Deliverables Include: An improvement plan that outlines management strategies and points to savings throughout the supply chain
Materials Management Outsourcing Program
Highlights Include:

  • Onsite supply chain expert on a negotiated, as needed basis
  • Assistance with product standardization and utilization, inventory management/control, value analysis, and contract negotiations
  • Deliverables Include: Recommendations for improved supply chain policies & procedures as well as MMIS functionality review.
Performance Improvement Program
Highlights Include:

  • Environmental scanning process and needs assessment
  • Action oriented strategic plan development and implementation
  • Advanced analytics strategies to improve operational effectiveness
  • Deliverables include: Performance improvement recommendations from analytics project and/or strategic plan
Consulting Services
Programs Include:

  • Access to experts who are able to advise on a variety of contract needs and opportunities like state regulated MWBE requirements
  • Quality Compliance Consulting, mock inspections, and recommendations for long-term care facilities– designed to assist Foodservice management to stay up to date with the latest standards for kitchen and dining facilities
  • Assistance in developing supply chain policies and procedures.


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