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Program Offerings

Seagate Advantage™

Our Seagate Advantage™ program provides our members with an analysis of potential savings opportunities. The analysis can include:

  • Price audits
  • Contract aggregation opportunities
  • Market basket analysis and cost comparisons
  • Potential distribution agreement opportunities

Dining and Kitchen Quality Review

Through a detailed process, including a mock-inspection and scorecard rating, an industry expert will work with your team to identify existing problems, inform and educate employees, and prevent issues before they occur. Our expert will work with your team to identify existing problems, inform and educate employees, and prevent issues before they occur. This program is a full day or single meal evaluation designed for performance improvement and operational efficiencies. It is available to you as a Seagate member at a very minimal cost.


Contract Conversion Calculators

These are tools members can use to quickly analyze contract conversion opportunities. The calculators have detailed cross-references and tier pricing built in. The calculator will take that information and provide a detailed conversion impact analysis that highlights savings opportunities.

Data Analytics

Premier’s SpendAdvisor™ and Supply Chain Advisor™ applications provide members with powerful analytical tools to integrate and coordinate information used to make critical decisions. This integrated information environment enables members to more effectively analyze their business and uncover opportunities to improve performance.

SpendAdvisor™ enables members to analyze their total supply spend and find savings opportunities for medical/surgical supplies and pharmacy needs. The system scrubs member data and provides comparative reports to aid in decision-making. With SpendAdvisor™members can:

  • Track on-, off-, and non-contract spending
  • See conversion and consolidation opportunities
  • Monitor conversion progress for all their facilities
  • Conduct spending analysis at departmental, facility, and system levels
  • Monitor contract utilization
  • Find opportunities to develop local agreements
  • Ensure all their facilities are paying consistent prices for the same products
  • Compare the prices they’re paying with peer benchmarks

Supply Chain Advisor™ enables members to manage supply chain costs all in one place. Using the online catalog and price management system, members can:

  • Access contracts, products, data and other resources
  • Negotiate with suppliers
  • Activate pricing tiers
  • Manage all contracts in one place

Economic Outlook Information


The Economic Outlook is a semiannual report that projects rates of inflation for the ensuing 12-18 months. Premier produces a new analysis every six months to ensure projections are reflective of changing market trends. The analysis helps alert Premier alliance members to better understand and prepare to meet market forces that could drive price changes in the coming months and years.


Group Buys and Express Buys 


Group Buys are coordinated, limited-time, volume driven purchasing opportunities that offer savings beyond regular contract pricing. They may include other value-added opportunities, such as special rates for financing, trade-in programs, training, preventive maintenance and service programs, and extended warranties.

EXPRESSbuys™ are short-term, deeply-discounted offers that offer members an opportunity to purchase products and services at significant savings off national agreement top-tier pricing.

Field Specialists

Through their Field Specialist program, Premier offers members access to experienced clinical and technological specialists who work with member facilities to help drive revenue, selected conversions, and process improvement in member hospitals. Areas of expertise include: cardiology, facilities, construction, imaging, information technology, laboratory, nursing, orthopedic, and perioperative.


Through Premier Insurance Management Services, Inc., Premier offers members access to a variety of insurance products including, liability, property and casualty, life and disability. They also offer claims management and consulting services.

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