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Seagate Supply Chain Solutions 


Seagate offers its members access to a wide range of tools, programs, and services designed to help them analyze their supply chain function, improve their processes and performance, and drive costs out of their supply chain. We help our members understand their business more deeply and identify opportunities for performance improvement and cost savings.


We offer tools, programs, and services for:


  • Data analytics tools to understand processes and costs to improve performance
  • Products and services to help members achieve even greater cost savings
  • Other services and tools like market basket price comparisons and conversion calculators to identify potential savings opportunities

We are also constantly striving to ally ourselves, and form strategic partnerships with, other entities that can help us leverage our combined purchasing power to enhance our members' savings opportunities.



Premier's GreenHealthy Environmental Leadership Forum


Click here to learn more about how Premier's GreenHealthy Environmental Leadership forum is helping its members provide a healthy, safe and sustainable healthcare delivery environment for patients, workers and their communities.

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