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Supply Committee

As we continue to listen to member feedback and look for ways to share important contracting information, we are pleased to announce the roll out of our new, quarterly Contracting Update Webinar/Conference Call.  This offering will replace our formal, onsite Supply Committee Meeting that many of you have participated in previously.

We are excited to provide these events as interactive and informative sessions to our membership. The Webinar/Conference Calls will provide details on new strategic contracting launches, and savings opportunities, as well as on local programs and services. They will serve as an important component of your partnership with RRHA/JVC & Seagate. 

We hope that you will participate in these events and take advantage of the information we share with you to maximize the value of our program in your organization.   We look forward to working with your organization in 2015 and beyond!


As always, our Supply Committee decisions will continue to have national impact. A Seagate Director of Supply Chain Solutions represents Seagate members' interests and participates in the Premier contracting process. That process impacts our national suppliers' and distributors' policy and stocking decisions.


If you have a question, or would like more information, click here to contact our Supply Chain Solutions team.

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