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Pharmacy Committee

The Pharmacy Committee meets quarterly to discuss issues and contracts relevant to the pharmaceutical field.  Review of Seagate/Premier contracts, interaction with pharmaceutical distribution representatives, and compliance issues are just a few examples of agenda items that are regularly discussed. In addition, members of the Pharmacy Committee are constantly seeking out value-added services that may be available, as well as sharing their experiences and knowledge in areas such as cost control/avoidance, new drug development, and therapeutic alternatives to conventional therapy.

Suppliers from pharmaceutical, distribution, or other related companies are often invited in order to provide members with up-to-date information that will help identify opportunities for improving therapy, safety, and/or cost-effectiveness/avoidance, as well as to allow members present to offer valuable feedback to those who provide them with pharmaceutical goods and services.

Premier has developed a number of services that can save time and allow each member’s pharmacists to take advantage of the experiences of their peers.  These services offer solutions in many areas, ranging from Joint Commission compliance to third-party reimbursement.

Premier has also launched a new Failure to Supply (FTS) program to optimize member recovery (contracted price for back ordered pharmaceuticals versus what they spend on alternative, available products.) This best-in-class program is completely free of administrative burden to members and open to all classes of trade. Other similar programs require pharmacy staff to reconcile claims and regularly submit paperwork. Using standard proprietary data analytics capabilities, the program researches credit amounts to match to all suppliers’ back orders. Credits are disbursed quarterly through members’ primary pharmacy distributor.

Finally, our Pharmacy Committee decisions also have national impact. A Seagate Director of Supply Chain Solutions represents Seagate members' interests and participates in the Premier contracting process. That process impacts our national suppliers' and distributors' policy and stocking decisions.

If you have a question, or for more information, click here to contact our Supply Chain Solutions team.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Our upcoming Pharmacy contracting calls are scheduled for:

  • October 12, 2016


For more information, click here to contact our Supply Chain Solutions team.

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