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Foodservice Committee

Seagate's Foodservice Committee meets bi-monthly to review and discuss our national (Seagate/Premier) and our local (RRHA/JVC) foodservice contracts. The Committee meetings are well attended by members representing large and small, urban and rural, upscale, and budget-conscious organizations.

At each Seagate Foodservice Committee meeting, new Premier Committed Manufacturer Agreements (CMAs) are discussed. The CMAs are key to member foodservice savings, and Committee activities often include sampling to feature and compare CMA products. Other Committee activities include reviewing and comparing contracts, identifying new savings opportunities, networking, and educational presentations by suppliers and industry experts.

Our Foodservice Committee decisions also have national impact. Our Seagate Director of Supply Chain Solutions represents Seagate members' interests on the national Premier Foodservice Committee and participates in the Premier foodservice contracting process. That process impacts our national foodservice distributors' policy and stocking decisions.

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Upcoming Meeting Dates

Our upcoming Foodservice Committee meetings are scheduled for:

  • November 8, 2016

For more information, click here to contact our Supply Chain Solutions team.