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Our Services

Seagate Alliance provides our members with a wide range of services that help them keep up-to-date on industry issues and trends, enhance knowledge, and maximize savings opportunities. We also provide our members with industry-leading data analytics services to help them better understand and manage their purchasing process.

Our account management team is dedicated to helping our members utilize our services. We work with our members in a consultative manner, to partner with them to become an extension of their purchasing department. To that end, we provide a robust portfolio of services to all our members. Our account managers work constantly to keep our members up-to-date on the latest opportunities to maximize contract aggregation and savings opportunities. Account managers also work closely with members to solve any day-to-day supplier and/or product issues that may arise. Seagate also has Premier, Inc. committee representation, and we have a dedicated, on-site Premier Regional Director to help with any issues our members may have.

Seagate has committees for supply chain, food service, pharmacy, and laboratory that meet quarterly to provide members with the opportunity to learn more about new contracting opportunities, savings, and aggregations; attend supplier presentations on technology and best practices; and to discuss industry issues and network with peers.

Seagate also offers our members access to superior educational opportunities. These regularly-scheduled conferences, webinars, webcasts, and other events help members broaden their perspectives beyond the individual facility or group level and provide a greater understanding of the marketplace as a whole.

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Member Testimonial

Buffalo Ambulatory Surgery Center

Having the Seagate Alliance/Premier group makes my life so much easier.  When I need to find a company that will give us a certain product or service, I know we are sure to get the best service/product for the best price, and the hard part is done for me.  Going to the Seagate/Premier meetings keeps me informed, and I get ideas and feedback from other companies as well as Seagate staff. This has been a very positive experience.


Kim Liaros

Buffalo Ambulatory Surgery Center