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Hospitality and Recreation


In today’s economy, everyone faces the urgent task of protecting their bottom line. The hospitality industry has the unique challenge of managing through these economic challenges while exceeding guest expectations. Hospitality operators have a strong cost-control ally with Seagate Alliance through the Premier REACH™ program. We have helped our members reduce costs since 1996.



Companies in the recreation sector face unique challenges that are made more difficult by an uncertain economy. This has created the need for them to carefully protect their bottom line in the face of often-diminished demand. Seagate Alliance is an ally to recreation-based businesses. Through the Premier REACH™ program, we help drive savings and improve operational performance. Stadiums, arenas, camps, family entertainment centers, casinos, golf courses and others are taking advantage of the contracts and tools available to help drive success in their operations.

REACHTM for Hospitality and Recreation


Our REACHTM Program portfolio provides products and services for the following areas:

  • Foodservice
  • Housekeeping
  • Office supplies and business equipment
  • Facilities (maintenance, repair and operations)
  • IT/telecom
  • Administrative and human resources


Proud partners of NYSHTA, the New York Hospitality & Tourism AssociationAmerica's oldest lodging association, offering programs and services to help add value to over 1,300 members in the industry and their properties. The Association also protects their members' interests by representing them as their legislative voice before state government.



Member Testimonial

East Avenue Inn & Suites

"I have had the pleasure of joining on with Seagate Alliance at two different hotel properties. It has been a great business decision in terms of both customer service and cost savings," says Joshua Srolis, General Manager.

"Adam, our account manager, has been there every step of the way when meeting and signing on with new vendors. We have also had significant cost savings across the board. At my current property we have seen an average savings of about 35% in our food and chemical purchases. I look forward to continuing our business relationship in the future.



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