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Account Management

Account Management Philosophy

At RRHA/JVC, our primary purpose is to assist our members in maximizing the programs and services we offer to lower costs, improve quality, and grow their bottom line. Our account management team is dedicated to helping our members achieve this goal. We work with our members in a consultative manner, to partner with them to become an extension of their purchasing department. To that end, we provide a robust portfolio of account management services to our membership.

A Team-Oriented Approach

Our account managers employ a team-oriented approach to meeting our members’ needs. We assign a dedicated account manager to each member organization. Account managers hold regular meetings with members, based on a schedule established by mutual agreement.

Our account management team works constantly to keep our members up to date on the latest opportunities to maximize contract aggregation and savings initiatives. We also conduct semi-annual orientation and refresher seminars for our members’ purchasing staffs to ensure that they’re informed of any changes to contracts and/or policies and procedures.

Our account managers provide assistance to members in making GPO and contract conversions. They also provide ongoing support in managing contracts through continued involvement with, and assistance from, business partners.

Account managers work closely with members to perform regular business reviews to examine processes and workflows to identify our members' goals and align those goals with available savings initiatives. The business reviews also include informing members of new offerings from Seagate and suppliers, new contracts. The reviews also provide a mechanism to provide Seagate with feedback to help resolve any issues members might have. Finally, account managers make regular, on-site presentations to the members' management teams to review local and national contracts and other cost-savings opportunities.


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Member Testimonial

 Greater Rochester Orthopaedics

Thank you for all your help. At Greater Rochester Orthopaedics, PC, we have enjoyed many savings through our relationship. Particularly, we have benefitted from the imaging and its related distribution agreement, medical/surgical distribution agreement, and office supply agreement, just to mention a few of the benefits derived from our relationship. Our savings on these items have averaged 25% - 35%. Thank you for all your efforts. 

Albert Campagna, Business Manager