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Our Mission

Our Mission

The RRHA Joint Ventures Corporation (RRHA/JVC), soon to be known as Pandion Optimization Alliance, is dedicated to assisting its members in containing costs and increasing operating efficiency. It provides its members with committed volume contracts, which enable them to purchased quality products in a cost-effective manner. RRHA/JVC also makes services available to its members at a discounted cost, to assist their operations. 

The RRHA/JVC Value Proposition

RRHA/JVC saves its members time and effort in establishing standards and specifications for commonly used commodities and services in all areas of procurement, and in obtaining the best possible value in terms of quality, service, and overall costs. The program is controlled and directed by member organizations and exists to meet their goals and objectives.

Become a Member

Please click below for more information on becoming an RRHA/JVC member. There are no membership fees. An RRHA/JVC team member will contact you soon.

Member Testimonial

LeRoy Village Green

Buffalo Pharmacies has been true to their word.  The transition has been very smooth and took a total of 3 days.  Although this contract was originated to improve the service we were receiving for pharmacy distribution, we found it also provided increased savings to our facility.


Donna M. Friedman

Purchasing Director

LeRoy Village Green