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Our Ethics and Compliance Policies

We maintain principles and policies to guide our employees with respect to standards of conduct in our relationship with our members, suppliers, and our business partners.  Our Ethics Policy affirms, in a comprehensive statement, our commitment to high standards of ethical practices and expectations that are designed to help us make the right decisions.


Our core values reflect our high standards of ethical practices and conduct. They are:


  • Respect for the uniqueness of each individual, while serving the interests of the greater membership, guides our actions.
  • Commitment to collaboration empowers our ability to meet the needs of our members.
  • Innovation drives our pursuit of continuous improvement.
  • Integrity in all our activities and relationships is our foundation.

Our history is founded in the belief that collaboration and working together can achieve more than working alone.


Integral to this belief is a fundamental respect for the individual – our members, suppliers, business partners, and our employees, built on a foundation of truthfulness and integrity.  The strength of our organization is our people, committed to serving our members, and continuously striving to exceed expectations.



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Member Testimonial

DePaul Community Services

DePaul operates 2,754 beds and employs approximately 1,600 people across two states.  Now more than ever, it is imperative that we find ways to reduce and control cost so we can continue to provide the quality of care to those we serve.  Since 1999, we have done just that through contracts and rebates with RRHA . We have saved on food costs and office supplies to name just a couple.


Our Account Manager has also played an integral part in the success of this program, as she helps us stay on top of contracts, supplier issues, and has trained our staff on the ins and outs of a GPO.  Thanks!

Jill Bateman, Accounting Manager