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Welcome to Seagate Alliance

Seagate Alliance consists of organizations across all industries who have joined together to collaboratively develop and benefit from the potential inherent in a group purchasing alliance that possesses an ownership interest in Premier, Inc. Seagate exists to provide its owners with maximum cost savings, enhanced operational and clinical efficiencies, and shared knowledge and experience. 

Seagate Alliance is an integral part of its membership, demonstrating value in all of its services. Through this partnership, Seagate will be a leading owner of Premier, Inc., maximizing the value of participation in both a regional and national alliance to each of its owners.



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The RRHA Family of Companies

RRHA Family of Companies Annual Report

The RRHA Family of Companies is composed of two not-for-profit organizations, The Rochester Regional Healthcare Association and the Rochester Regional Healthcare Advocates, as well as two for-profit group purchasing organizations, RRHA Joint Ventures Corporation (RRHA/JVC) and Seagate Alliance.

Seagate Alliance and RRHA/JVC serve and are owned by their members. RRHA/JVC is a regional resource for the purchase of goods and services that complement the portfolios of the large, national GPOs.